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 We thank you very much for taking the time to visit our website.

Kobe SGG Club is officially named Kobe Systematized Goodwill Guides Club. It was founded in March, 1981. KSGG is an organization for goodwill language services with 65 members as of January 2021.

Taking advantage of foreign language skills, we provide services to support foreign visitors and residents in Kobe for making their stays and lives easier and more comfortable. As it is, our goal is to contribute to international goodwill.

Since 1868, when Kobe port was opened to the world, Kobe has become a port city strongly influenced by foreign culture due to trading and personal interaction. You may appreciate this unique cultural identity in particular at our historic foreign settlement and with the foreign residents of Kobe.

On the basis of such historical context, we hope to further advance intercultural exchanges such as promoting the appealing charms of the cosmopolitan city of Kobe, and Japan itself to foreign people. Through our activities we aim to provide hospitality and assist in solving daily problems which may occur due to lack of language skills or cultural understanding.

We also help Japanese clients who are concerned about communicating with foreign people.

In addition to the volunteer work we do by request, KSGG holds monthly meetings for its members to exchange information and work on idea generation through talks about foreign languages and tourism by guest speakers.

For more information about our organization’s activities, please see “Profile of Kobe SGG Club.”

In order to fulfill the primary mission of SGG, we as members of KSGG will continue working towards bettering our services to all of those who can be of benefit.

Kobe SGG Club
President Toshio Nakao

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