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The 9th Nationwide Conference of Goodwill Guides : Meet in Kobe

Date : 4th (Saturday) 〜 5th (Sunday), November, 2006
Place : Nichii Gakkan Kobe Port Island Center
Sponsors : Kobe SGG Club, Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO)
Supporters : Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City, Hyogo International Association for Community,
Kobe International Center for Cooperation and Communication, Hyogo Tourism
Association, Kobe International Association for Sightseeing Convention, Kansai
Electric Power Corp., Osaka Gas Corp., Kobe Newspaper Co., Sun Television Corp.
(No special order is observed)
Number of Participating Groups :
32 groups (176 members) except Kobe SGG Club

Program of the Conference :

The 1st day
Morning session Representative meeting
Opening speech by Ms. Hiromi Hiraki, President (at that time)
Memorial Lecture by Prof. Toshio Kusumoto     
Workshops : 4 groups had active discussion about how Goodwill Guides should be and exchange ideas and information of each club.
Evening : Social gathering at Hotel New Otani

The 2nd day
Morning session Closing ceremony
Excursion of Kobe City

Details of the Conference :
Memorial Lecture “Jumping out to the world from Kobe -
  International development by Japanese people”
By Prof. Toshio Kusumoto,
   Professor of Department of Education and Chief of International
   Communication Center, of Ashiya University,
楠本教授記念講演 Lecture was given on relationship with international society of Japanese people through emigration starting with that to Hawaii in 1868 and that to Brazil by the first emigration ship “Kasado Maru” in 1908


The first workshop :
Introduction of activity of Kobe SGG Club with questions and answers
Chairperson : Shigeo Kanaya
         (Kobe SGG Club)
Advisor : Shuuji Aoyama (JNTO)

The second workshop :
How is “IT” utilized?
Chairperson : Masao Fujikawa
          (Nara SGG)
Advisor : Chiharu Tsuji (JNTO)

The third workshop :
What we have acquired so far and what we wish to get hereafter through communication among members of other SGG?
Chairperson : Iyoko Kuribayashi
         (Kanagawa SGG)
Advisor : Fusao Noguchi (JNTO)

The fourth workshop :
Discussion in English “Visit Japan campaign simulation”
 The first group
  Chairperson : Suwako Nagata
           (Kobe SGG)
   Guest : Maggie (USA),
        Judas (South Africa)
 The second group
  Chairperson : Yoshiko Fukui
           (Kobe SGG)
  Guest : Rasagya (India),
       Nahid (Iran)
第4分科会1 第4分科会2

Excursion The attendants visited Disaster Reduction and Human Revolution Institution followed by an excursion to Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi Bridge and Sumadera Temple or Kitano Ijinnkan and Nada Sake Brewery

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