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History of KSGG : Starting from KVGG

Kobe Voluntary Goodwill Guides Club (KVGG) was established on March 14th, 1981. It was started to be organized when they realized the necessity of volunteer guides for “Kobe Port Island Exposition (PORTPIA'81). More than 500 citizens such as housewives and office workers who had foreign lives experiences got together to assist foreign visitors for PORTPIA’81. From May 1981 some of the members took turns at the service center on the first floor of Hyogo Mutual Bank building.

Even after the service center was closed, the activities were continued. It was because members' wish and the will of Bank which had heard reputations of their services being consistent reached agreement. The number of KVGG was about 50 in which housewives, office workers, and English teachers living in Ashiya, Kobe, Akashi, Kakogawa, and Himeji were included.

Though the service center was closed, the goodwill guides had continued its services in a temporary office.

On March 2nd, 1996, the group changed its name to Kobe SGG (Kobe Systematized Goodwill Guides Club) and jointed nationwide SGG groups with Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). Kobe SGG had continued services actively thereafter. The number of SGG clubs is 90 as of March 2014.

Kobe SGG hosted the 9th nationwide goodwill guides conference in Kobe. 257 goodwill guides from 33 clubs gathered in Kobe to exchanged ideas and information for goodwill guiding.

Kobe SGG takes a regular part of receptionist as an interpreter at the Kobe International Center for Cooperation and Communication every weekday afternoon and all day on Saturdays by rotating members. KSGG serves for translation and interpretation upon request of public organizations, private firms and individuals etc.

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